Victims of Crime Pages at the WA Police Website

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The WA Police website now has uploaded victims of crime information pages.  The pages provide information and extensive links to support groups and government and not-for-profit support agencies.  To view them, simply visit the WA Police website at  and follow the link to Victims of Crime in the menu on the left hand side of the page.


This week has also seen the commencement of the pilot of the new Victim Information Card, developed in partnership with the Commissioner for Victims of Crime.  The card outlines some of the police processes, has a tear-out section to record the Incident Report number, the contact numbers for police officers who responded, and lots of website links and details of support services.


The pilot is being conducted in the Armadale sub-district and all police officers are providing the Victim Information Card to all victims of any crime or incident.  Two teams of officers are inviting victims to participate in a follow-up telephone call to evaluate the card.  The pilot is expected to continue for six to eight weeks.


Alan Stuart

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