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Legal Aid: Crime, police and victims of crime

  • Appearing in court
  • Bail & surety
  • Compensation for victims of crime

Legal Aid: Violence – family, domestic and other

  • FDV support services
  • Misconduct restraining orders
  • Violence restraining orders
  • Police orders
  • Family violence and family law
  • Reporting violence: information for lesbians and gay men

DotAG: Victim Services

  • Family violence service
  • Victim support service
  • Court support
  • Restraining orders
  • Compensation
  • Restitution and reparation
  • Victim impact statement
  • Non-English speaking information

DotAG: Victime Services Locations

  • Relevant locations & contacts for victims of crime

Coroner’s Court: Counselling Services

  • Coronial counselling services

Victim Support Australia

  • Help for Victims of crime

Video: Once Upon a Crime

  • Video VOC overview: “Once Upon a Crime”

Video: VoC – Introduction

  • Victims of Crime Introduction

VoC – Resources

  • Victims of Crime resources

WAPol: Family and Domestic Violence

  • FDV: WA Family protection unit

DoH: Sexual Assault Resource Centre

  • Sexual Assault Resource Centre

AIC: Victims Organisations

  • Links to various victims organisations



  • Australian Childhood Foundation ​

  • Australian Federal Police

  • Better Health Channel

  • Braveheart

  • Centres Against Sexual Assault

  • Court & Tribunal Services WA

  • Kids Helpline

  • Lifeline

  • NSW Commission for Children & Young People

  • PTSD Alliance

  • Rosebank Child Sexual Assault Service

  • Centres Against Sexual Assault

  • Sexual Assault Resource Centre

  • Victims Clearing House NSW

  • Victims of Crime Commissioner SA

  • Victims of Crime Victoria 

  • Victim Support ACT

  • Victim Support Service SA

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