What We Do

We at angelhands believe that the community and government are unaware of, and thus overlook the needs of people affected by homicide and serious interpersonal crime.

Despite diversity, these victims of crime have needs that often overlap, and angelhands Inc. believe it is a basic human right of victims of crime to have the following things:

  • The right to, have a voice, have an established space to voice their experiences, and have their voices heard by others
  • The right to have relevant and current information and resources delivered in a pro-active, affordable and timely fashion.


angelhands Inc. offers support and strength to people who are bereaved by homicide or affected by serious assault. Although not a dedicated therapeutic support service, by its accessibility, angelhands assists in reducing sense of confusion, isolation, shame, embarrassment and alienation that secondary homicide victims’ and victims of serious assaults often experience.

angelhands peer-support, virtual and actual resource library, training and referral services, are all invaluable in helping to address the impacts of crime. angelhands’ services encourage awareness of the elements essential to promote and accelerate a person’s recovery from trauma and promotes their needs within the wider community


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