Suicide – Resources

It is distressing to realise that someone close to you may be considering suicide. For every suicide, there are often many family members, friends and colleagues who are affected.

Suicide loss can affect your physical and mental health and sometimes includes dealing with thoughts of suicide. It is vital that, as individuals and communities we respond to people bereaved by suicide with compassion, and continue to support them through their grief.

Suicide Bereavement is the deep sadness and mourning that often occurs after the loss of a loved one to suicide.

Help-seeking is the process of finding and receiving support from others. They can make a big difference in helping people stay safe and re-establish reasons for living.


Fact Sheets and Toolkits

Please click on the links below to access fact sheets and toolkits to help you identify signs to look out for, decide what to do, and where can you go for help.

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