Circle of 6

Circle of 6 is a US smartphone app which you can use to connect with your friends to stay close, stay safe and prevent violence before it happens.

The Circle of 6 app for iPhone and Android makes it quick and easy to reach the 6 friends you choose. Two touches lets your circle know where you are and how they can help.

Icons represent actions; so that no one can tell what you’re up to. It’s fast, easy-to-use and private.

Circle of 6 on iTunes (link is external)
Circle of 6 on Google Play

Kitestring checks up on you with a simple text message and you reply to the message to check in. If you don’t, Kitestring sends your emergency contacts a personalized alert message.

You don’t even need a smartphone, there's nothing to download, and it's free.

Kitestring Website (link is external)
Kitestring Facebook PageKitestring Facebook Page

Daisy is a smartphone app created by the national organisation 1800RESPECT (link is external) and provides a range of resources to assist local victims of domestic violence with getting help. It brings together information on services in each state that deal with domestic and family violence, sexual assault and legal services.

Daisy on iTunes (link is external)
Daisy on Google Play

MyWitness turns your smart phone into a digital witness that records your immediate surroundings and notifies loved ones when you need help. By combining video audio and GPS technology and storing this data safely in the cloud MyWitness provides peace of mind when you need it most.

MyWitness on iTunes (link is external)
MyWitness on Google Play
The Positive Pathways App

Zonta House Refuge Association (link is external) has launched a smartphone app which will potentially save the lives of women in danger from domestic and family violence in Western Australia. The Positive Pathways App, named after the holistic outreach program run by Zonta House, will be the first of its kind in Australia. The App, which is available on new and old iOS and Android devices, will be free to users.

Positive Pathways on iTunes (link is external)
Positive Pathways on Google Play

The iMatter App, launched by Doncare Community Services (link is external), has been developed to help young women understand the warning signs of abusive and controlling behaviour in relationships as well as to promote healthy self-esteem. The aim is to build resilience, to educate about disrespect and intimate partner violence and to promote conversations among young people about healthy relationship behaviour.

iMatter on iTunes
iMatter on Google Play
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