When funding is available, angelhands offers two group workshops:

  • BRAVEBetter Recovery, Active Visioning and Emergence
  • ENACTEncouraging New, Active and Careful Thinkers

These workshops are led by angelhands team members and trauma recovery assistants, working through activities and games to build knowledge and skills that will empower you going forward.


In the ENACT workshops, angelhands works with people after an experience of family domestic violence to:

  • Better understand past relationships, healthy and unhealthy, and the forms of abuse and their red flags
  • Recognise and assert your own needs and boundaries for a healthier partnership
  • Train positive thinking through therapeutic intervention
  • Recognise the signs and indicators of abuse, and to better understand and manage intimate relationships and the impacts of their experiences going forward


In the BRAVE workshops, angelhands works with people with experiences of trauma, historical or recent, to:

  • Tune into your body and mind in order to identify where your emotions are coming from and how to better control your reaction for a positive outcome
  • Find inspiration in yourself and others
  • Train positive thinking through mindfulness and moving meditation – being present in the moment and letting go of the past
  • Develop skills and qualities with perseverance, inner peace and mental clarity


When angelhands does have the funding to run these workshops, we will actively advertise that they are on. Click on the button below to find out if we have any upcoming workshops scheduled.

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