Whilst much of angelhands work relies heavily on the assistance of our volunteers, we need to ensure we are building our organisation sustainably to provide a consistent reliable experience for our clients.

We are asking Key Supporters to assist by giving us wings so clients fly above their traumatic experiences.

Will you please consider donating a set of:

  • Bronze Wings – $1,480
    • Provide ‘befriending’ for one client
  • Silver Wings – $1,680
    • Provide ‘befriending’ and access to 12 group therapy sessions
  • Gold Wings – $2,750
    • Provide ‘befriending’, group therapy and 1 retreat
  • Platinum Wings – $3,000
    • Provide ‘Befriending Training’ – by training our befrienders, your support is everlasting


As a Key Supporter Partner you will receive:

  • A half yearly report on our work carried out and how your contribution has made a direct impact.
  • An opportunity to visit our workshop introduction, to meet potential befrienders
  • An opportunity to spend time with clients, befrienders and staff at organised Key Supporter functions.
  • A tax deductible receipt for the cost of the wings you donate


Thank you for the opportunity to share our work with you.  If you are ready to become a Key Supporter of angelhands, please contact me directly via email on or alternatively select your option on our website and we will send you a confirmation and Key Supporter package in the mail.


Amy Bowlay, LLB
angelhands Relationship Manager

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