Kathy Csaba

General Board

B.A. Political Science (Hons), M.C.J.

Kathy has more 30 years’ work experience in both the State and Commonwealth public sector in policy, project, advisory and management roles in the areas of employment, training and corrective services. She has worked primarily in administering programs to assist disadvantaged client groups and has implemented and managed a number of key justice initiatives and programs including the work camp program, which is now recognised as a program of best practice in managing low risk security prisoners. Kathy has worked in policy and legislation development and on several initiatives relating to her main area of interest which is crime prevention. In addition, she is a strong advocate of the use of restorative justice programs that provide opportunities for offenders to provide restitution and repair some of the harm caused by their crimes and which give victims a stronger voice in the criminal justice system.

Kathy has an Honours degree in Political Science and a Masters of Criminal Justice, both from UWA.

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