Judith Fordham - An Angelhands Founding Member
Judith Fordham

Founding Committee

Judith Fordham is a leading WA criminal barrister, an Associate Professor at the Centre for Forensic Science at University of WA and an author & speaker.
She is also Past President of the Criminal Lawyers Association of WA, past President of Australian & NZ Association of Psychiatry, Psychology and a Member of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences.

Judith was once a battered wife with four small children who was forced to feed her family through food vouchers obtained from the Salvation Army. Today she is one of Western Australia’s best known criminal lawyers. She is also an expert in forensic science, and an internationally known jury researcher.

Judith has completed research projects on jurors, juries and forensic evidence, juror intimidation (at the WA Attorney General’s personal request) an is completing a PhD on the jury experience. She has permission for almost unprecedented access to jurors for post trial interviews.

As a barrister Judith has been briefed on a wide range of State and Commonwealth Criminal cases, including trials at all levels and appeals including the High Court of Australia.
Throughout her career Judith has assisted police in the investigation and prosecution of criminal offences. Her science training and current studies gives her a special interest and expertise in forensics, including pathology, ballistics and entomology.

Judith’s book, Life, Law and Not Enough Shoes: Life as a Criminal Lawyer, is a light-hearted set of anecdotes about the crazy world of a criminal lawyer.

Judith is a much in demand speaker with a range of fascinating, entertaining and motivational presentations that will inspire and motivate any audience. She is regularly engaged as a special interest speaker on upmarket cruise lines including Cunard (QEII, Queen Mary) and Crystal.

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