Community Perceptions Report 2014: Family and Domestic Violence

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Family and domestic violence (FDV) continues to have a profound impact on the Western Australian community. It is a significant cause of mental and physical trauma, the leading cause of homelessness in women, a prominent barrier to employment opportunities and a fundamental abuse of human rights. Understanding the Western Australian people’s perceptions and experiences of FDV is a vital step in exploring innovative ways to respond to this long standing social concern.


On Monday, 8 September Anglicare WA announced the launch of the Community Perceptions Report: Family and Domestic Violence – an important investigation into the Western Australian community’s experiences and perceptions of domestic violence.

The report found that, as a result of family and domestic violence, a quarter of respondents had been physically assaulted, 20% had their property damaged or stolen, and 11% had endured forced sexual contact or coercion at some point in their lives.


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