Spring 2016 Newsletter

Spring 2016 Newsletter

What an amazing year it has been, key highlights are shared in this newsletter and full details are in our Annual Report.


From the Chairperson

On behalf of our new Board of Directors — Barbara-Anne Brown (Secretary), Blake Read (Treasurer), Bindiya Puri, Fiona Barclay, Allan Thompson, and Kathy Csaba — and as Chairperson, I extend our sincere thanks to exiting Board Directors, Kevin Flynn, Jule Japhet and Dean Pike. Your contributions cannot be measured nor your legacy overstated.

We also offer our sincere thanks to all angelhands team members — staff, volunteers, students and contractors. Neither words nor gifts could ever properly reward you for the depth of what you give and provide to our community!

We hope that you enjoy our news, share in our achievements and can join in at our upcoming events. We wish you and yours a gentle and peaceful transition into 2017 — and throughout the New Year and beyond.

Dr Ann O’Neill


  • Our Services Coordinator, Julie Verley won the Rising Star Award for the Social Worker of the Year 2016 and we all share her joy and believe there was no better person to win it!

    Kate Jeffries and Julie VerleyKate Jeffries and Julie Verley

  • Congratulation is also in order to our Founder, Dr. Ann O’Neill who has been awarded the John Curtis Medal 2016.
    In her acceptance speech, Ann honoured all those who have trusted her when their trust in people has been shattered and she dedicated the award to all those who have lost their lives to violence.

Service Delivery

  • Demand for services for training, DV, PTSD and general trauma support has been rising steadily and we currently have on average 4 new clients contact us each week. Last year we saw more than 200 people, and while we didn’t have a great deal of funds for staffing, we managed the impact to clients well (again see Annual Report for details).
  • Our thanks go to the Mental Health Commission and Connect Groups Pay It Forward grants. Our Befriending Program will be re-energised in the coming months. Past befrienders will be invited to re-engage and we are calling for new befrienders. Anyone interested in being a befriender is invited to register your interest. Visit https://www.angelhands.org.au/befriending/befriending-training for details.
  • The CREW Program is described as “where art meets science” and combines art therapies with trauma recovery theories, during weekly Creative Recovery Emergence Workshops (CREW). Jule, Leah and Tess developed and deliver this amazing program! Register now if you want to attend next year! Contact support@angelhands.org.au to register.
  • We will soon launch our Supporting Trauma Awareness and Recovery (STAR) Training. We thank the Department of the Attorney General CPC Grant team for funding our Victim Awareness Training Program (VAT) from which we have developed our STAR Training. See our Annual Report for all the details on VAT and contact us via admin@angelhands.org.au if you are interested in our STAR Training.We are grateful to all the Keynote presenters for their generous and interesting contributions:
    • The Hon. Chief Justice Wayne Martin AC
    • The Commissioner for Victims of Crime (WA), Jennifer Hoffman
    • Pip Brennan, author of Not My Story and angelhands member
    • Mr Ian Carter, CEO of Anglicare WA, White Ribbon Ambassador
    • Dr Nathan Gibson, Chief Psychiatrist (WA)
    • Kate Salinger, author, writer blog: What Kate Did Next
    • Rabia Siddique, author, humanitarian, former terrorism and war crimes prosecutor
    • Dr. Ann O’Neill, angelhands Founder

Finance and Treasury

Income from all sources during the financial year exceeded $120,000 (22.5% increase), including grant income of $27,630 (30% increase); donations equivalent to $84,900 (Corporate up 191% and private -31%) and $8452 raised through other avenues predominately membership (-14%) and service fees (100% increase).  With expenses of $75,873 angelhands recorded a surplus of just over $45,000.

Donations accounted for 70% of our income last FY and we acknowledge our generous sponsors and donors no matter how big or small (see Annual Report for fuller details).


  • Street Appeal — December 2ndOne day a year we need you, your friends and family to come into the Perth CBD, grow some wings and a halo, have fun and help us to raise up the capacity of our recovery angels!
    If you can’t join us then please get your office involved or dig deep and support our trauma recovery angels.
  • $50K in 50 Days Campaign 2016The $50K in 50 Days 2016 Campaign works by asking 5000 West Australians to donate $10 each. It costs an average of $1000 per person per year, on their journey towards recovery through angelhands services. angelhands assists around 100 people each year, with a waiting list of more needing assistance and support.

    Ellen Health Practice receptionist Tania Edmonson and angelhands Founder, Dr Ann O’NeillEllen Health Practice receptionist Tania Edmonson and angelhands Founder, Dr Ann O’Neill

    The $50k in 50 days Campaign raised over $26k this year. Thank you all and we thought we’d share how Ellen Health Practice creatively matched donations from participating GPs’ patients, who donated 50c from each consult. Together they raised $4000!

Upcoming Events: Save the Date!

The December events are our Street Appeal (street angels and office collectors are needed for Friday, 2nd Dec.) and Tree of Angels event the following Friday evening, 9thDec. The Tree of Angels is a time for us all to come together to remember and recognise trauma and loss so we are ready for the holiday season.

We welcome everyone to come along, bring a friend if you prefer, and be part of both of these upcoming events. Special thanks to The Event Agency and our PR and Marketing angels for your pro-bono support.

  • 26th Annual Silent Domestic Violence Memorial March: Fri. 25 November, 10.30am — rally with speakers, 12:30pm — silent march through the City.
    We are inviting you all to attend and join us at the Supreme Court Gardens. Optional: bring along a banner or photograph of loved ones lost.
  • Street Appeal: Fri. 2 December, 7:00am-4:00pm.
    Pick any or all four shifts, or you can collect within your office. Please see our webpage for details and register via https://www.trybooking.com/224596e.
  • Tree of Angels: Fri. 9 December.
    Offering an opportunity to celebrate all the angels around you, this special event offers a time to remember and feel supported, a symbolic event to prepare for the holidays. Please bring an angel ornament to hang on our tree. More details will be revealed on our webpage.