Jonty Bush - An Angelhands Ambassador
Jonty Bush

Young Australian of the Year 2009, Victims Support Worker and Anti-Violence Campaigner

Following the homicides of her nineteen year-old sister and father, Jonty, aged 21, joined with the Queensland Homicide Victim Support Group (QHVSG) to support other families bereaved by violence and raise awareness surrounding victim’s rights. Jonty has advocated for the rights of victims of violent crime for the past decade.

She was appointed as CEO of the QHVSG in 2007, and in 2009 was named Young Australian of the Year for her work including the development and promotion of the One Punch Can Kill anti-violence campaign.

Jonty has a Bachelor of Business Management and a Masters in Criminology and Criminal Justice. She was appointed to Queensland’s inaugural Sentencing Advisory Council and has continued to work and support government and community organisations with anti-violence and crime prevention strategies.

As well as being an Ambassador for angelhands and the Sunshine Coast Family Contact Centre, Jonty is a board member of the Protect All Children Today Foundation, and in 2012 co-founded Project 24 to raise funds and increase the capacity of organisations responding to and preventing gendered-violence.

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