Ann O'Neill - Angelhands Founder
Dr Ann O’Neill

Founder, Patron

PhD. Int. Hlth., MAASW (Acc), BSocWk. (Hons 1)

Dr Ann O’Neill is a Perth born woman who values her family, her friends and the lifestyle Australia provides. She is an inspiring speaker, an award winning humanitarian, victimologist, educator, activist, volunteer, researcher and a great friend.
Her interests lie in people from all walks of life, in social justice and the area of victims of serious interpersonal crimes, such as homicide and family and domestic violence.

Ann founded and directed angelhands Inc for more than a decade inspiring people in all areas of life to follow their dreams.
Ann has a unique and innovative approach to motivating, educating and assisting government departments, organisations’ and people to deal with trauma, tress and change in their lives and their work places.
Her pursuits are recognised internationally as she has presented in England, Croatia and the United States.

As well as the Founder of angelhands, Ann is an Our Watch Ambassador, a Patron Waratah, and an Australia Day Ambassador 2016.

Ann is the recipient of the following awards:

– John Curtin Medallist 2016
– Paul Harris Fellow 2013
– John Simpson Kirkpatrick “Standing for Something” Award 2012
– Leading the Way Award WA Social Worker of the Year Awards 2012
– Nominee Premier’s Australia Day Active Citizenship Awards 2012
– Nominee Australian of the Year 2012
– Finalist WA Australian of the Year 2011
– CBA Local Hero 2011
– Honoured Nominee Westpac Kookaburra Awards 2011
– Momento Inspirational Woman of the Year 2010

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