Allan Thompson

General Board

Allan Thompson joined the Board of Angelhands in October 2016. He previously served as either chairman or board member of three other not-for-profit organisations: Westcare (people with a disability, with an emphasis on employment); Workright (employment support for people with a mental health condition); and Fremantle Skillshare (employment support for long term unemployed people).

Allan was in an executive business development role for SKILLED Group, specialising in the resources sector, until late 2014 when he joined Livehire, a technology company in the employment market. In recent times Allan has been involved in assisting start-up technology companies in Western Australia, working as a director and representative of GCP Advisory Services.

Allan has held senior roles in the Commonwealth Public Service (Native Title) and in the State Public Services (a variety of roles including Director Legislation Ministry of Justice, and work in Treasury, Department of the Cabinet, Stateships and Public Service Board.

Allan’s experience includes finance; industrial relations; human resources; Aboriginal affairs; policy development and implementation, strategic planning, employment, not-for-profit, and machinery of government.

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