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The Creative Recovery Emergence Workshops (CREW) aim at enabling people to stand up on solid ground. With their aches, their feelings, their vision, their weakness and their strength. As a whole.

Researchers have found that tools and techniques allowing you to shift your heart into a more coherent pattern enable the brain to find a match to a more positive feeling. The brain operates as a complex pattern-matching system as it builds a set of patterns in our neural architecture based on previous experiences. Emotions are reflected in the pattern of heart rhythms. Incoherent pattern for disturbing emotions such as anger, frustration, and irritation. Ordered and coherent pattern for positive emotions like appreciation, care, compassion, and love.

Love and related positive emotions not only increase coherent heart rhythm, they also increase synchronization between the heart and the brain, resulting in improved mental clarity and cognitive performance. (McCraty 2002)

The participants will be offered tools, skills and strategies to :

  • Better understand how and why anger and despair occur in their daily life.
  • Better understand how their body triggers depletive emotions and respond to it.
  • Learn and use fast acting tools to bring the rhythm of their heart into more coherence.
  • To find and act on new solutions for situation involving triggers and patterns of negative emotions and behaviors.


Through being a witness of plays, books and artworks, we connect on profound levels and experience a commonality not many of us have access to in our daily encounters.

Through art practice, we can heal ourselves.

As we practice art, we are made stronger while reconnecting to our inner child, our inner ability to heal, our inner pure knowledge of how to overcome trauma to thrive.