What is Befriending?

Befriending is a supportive relationship offered to secondary victims of homicide and victims of serious personal violence (clients), to assist with the understanding and processing of trauma so as to promote their recovery. It is a non-clinical relationship underpinned by a methodological approach informed by support and psycho-education theories.

Clients are aligned with two people from our pool of trained supporters (befrienders). 

Befrienders provide a series of structured education components via a semi-formal relationship over an agreed time period to people in need.

Befrienders may have had their own personal experience of trauma (though not necessarily violent in nature) from which they have recovered and can draw upon. Befrienders will provide information, education and care via a supportive client focused relationship based on more of a friendship delivery model rather than on purely clinical one.

Befriending Training

Angelhands has created a unique training program that empowers our attendees to understand the trauma journey of secondary victims of homicide and serious personal violence and to gain knowledge on how to provide consistent and beneficial support to those who need it most.

The training is delivered and facilitated under the guidance of Dr Ann O’Neill, allowing befrienders to be specifically trained in applying her research and theories, and to ensure that they are able to utilize this knowledge across a broad range of therapeutic modalities.

In addition our training will ensure that ‘befrienders’ and their contact with potential clients:

  • Does no additional harm
  • Is conducted in a non-formalised but structured manner
  • Offers peer support
  • Allows for Random Acts of Kindness

Our Befriending Training Program

1Program IntroductionContext of Training Program
Rationale for Training Program
Committing to Training Program
2Helping Skills and ModelsIntentional Helping
Intentional Helping Models
3The context of victims of crime needsTheory: Trauma, Grief & CJS
4Assessing and Responding to victims of crimeAssessment Tools & Models
Intervention Models
5Putting it all into practiceDelivering the HOPE Program
6Bringing it all together and deliveringBuilding Office orientation
Admin, data entry & Documentation
Roles, Supervision and Delivery Plans
Close & Celebration

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We always offer Befriending Services for those in need!
However, for those looking to help us provide the Befriending service, there are currently no Befriending Training events scheduled.

Please contact our office by phone on (08) 9272 2242 or fill out the following form to register your interest.